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Posted on 2007.01.08 at 21:53
Ok, Mira opened her Macbook and booted up around 7 pm before it froze. It then performed a random restart up the next attempt.

So far we are looking at a once a day restart which is once per day too many.


Macbook Random Restart

Posted on 2007.01.07 at 22:57
Well, Mira had purchased a Macbook a few months back. No problems until last week where it fell victim to Random Restart Syndrome. We took it to the Apple Store to get it serviced. All they did was updated the firmware. Sunday evening *boom* happened again.

So now i'm keep a log on when the restarts occur.

Sunday Jan 7 9:30 pm. Uploading pictures to a website.

Posted on 2006.04.10 at 13:22
You are Debian Linux. People have difficulty getting to know you.  Once you finally open your shell they're apt to love you.
Which OS are You?


Thinking instead of sleeping...

Posted on 2005.11.04 at 00:26
Current Music: This Temporary Life - Death Cab for Cutie
There's a job interview on Monday with my name on it. Aside from that, there's this new band out there that should be pretty good once it gets it feet of the ground. I will be updating every practice session, logging the hours, and pointing the parts that need to be laughed at. Pictures will eventually become available.


First One in a Long Time

Posted on 2005.09.19 at 22:53
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: Ringing in my ears and the dryer
This is week five or six of the job hunt. I've gone down a few blind alleys but i'm still holding tough. I spend most of my day at the computer which I think is the main reason for coming back to LiveJournal land. I'm always a tourist and never a citizen though I've had a lil' plot here quite a while.

I miss nearly everyone. So that's an open invitation for emailing or whatever.

Lines of communication are official open.


"Vodka martini, shaken not stirred..."

Posted on 2004.02.14 at 10:39

The doctor is out. 

Prescription for today: Have a friend to give you a hair cut.  Its fun. Trust me.


"The need to stock the pharmacy..."

Posted on 2004.02.10 at 10:30

We've been extremely busy at work (if it isn't evident in my non posting)but for now, its slowed. I for one am glad for the rain.

*rummages around for a sec*

Ah ha!

Prescription for the day: Rain Dance!  Wherever you are right now, do a little jig.  If anybody sees you and asks you what you are doing tell them. Encourage them to do a rain dance as well.  If its raining where you are already, this will help fight off the rainy day blues.  If its not, don't worry it will! It's good practice anyway.

Surgeon Generals Warning:  Rain contains moisture that may cause certain parts to not function properly in androids.


"A mid-morning nap sounds nice..."

Posted on 2004.01.29 at 13:14
Sleep deprivation: what it can do and how you can stop it.

I am no doubt a glutton for punishment. The moment I feel really tired is the moment I push for activities that require high levels of energy i.e. jamming out with steve.

And whatever spawned this 4 day headache needs to crawl into a hole and die.

Prescription for today: Write to an old friend. You'll feel better. Honest.


Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Posted on 2004.01.25 at 10:23
The delightful taste of morning breath has made itself apparent yet again. Morning breath coupled with the painful urge to relieve oneself makes for an uncomfortable start. If I am ever asked to list my hobbies, I'm gonna have to list couch surfing. It seems like every other week I end up on somebody's couch- mostly Amy's though.
Half of the time its premeditated whether she knows it or not. But I don't think she minds.(much)

Prescription for the day: Buy something out of the ordinary, no matter how small. Go ahead a fill some of that instant gratification quota. I for one plan on winning an ebay auction. (ohhhh yeah)


"What I thought was the faint sound of static..."

Posted on 2004.01.21 at 19:34
Current Mood: Frisky
Current Music: Walmart Music
...really was, since static most days serves as my primary
alarm clock. I'm not quite sure what to think of these nightly cold snaps. Its uncomfortable to say the least. My wooden floors are stone cold, and the shower always burns my feet. For those of you who have more than a space heater, kudos to you.

Prescription for the rest of the week: Cuddle, snuggle, huggle, snog- whatever it takes to generate heat. So by Bob let's all just GET-IT-ON!!

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